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Shakira & J. Lo’s FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show

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Zackery Bell Dia atrás

This helped remind me that pop culture is really weird sometimes lol

Rosario Crespo Dia atrás

De otra dimensión. Espectaculares. Son unas genias las dos.

Alex Diaz Dia atrás

Friendly Kevin Dia atrás

I’m just here to see them shake their ass

Aliya Alimujiang Dia atrás

Omg, I dont even have words to describe how amazing this is !! What a performance!!


Shakira estuvo increible. Congrats

Gustavo Lira Dia atrás

Pubetet half time.

Aida hc Dia atrás

Estuvo mejor de lo que pude haber imaginado Y a pesar de la edad de ambas fue un espectáculo con mucha energía

XmenMagnetoAcolytes Dia atrás

Most Superbowl halftime shows were meh. This one rocked.

Tessah Murata Dia atrás

Omg my fevorite Shakira n jlo where is d beyonce

MikeD Dia atrás

I’m glad to see the tin man was able to make an appearance.

The LS Family Dia atrás

J loe killed this hands down shakira did good but we all know the woman that’s over 50 moving like j loe and looking as good as her she did that period

Julian Plascencia Curiel Dia atrás

Excelente chicos y chicas!

Reina Johnson Dia atrás

If jlo doesn’t stay with arod forever then i don’t want to see her try anymore

Betty Guzman Dia atrás

Great performance! Love them both♥️

Valentina• Dia atrás

Ambas son artistas completas; representado a todos los latinos. Grande Jlo. Grande Shakira.

Tyler Dieter Dia atrás

whens the last time anyone in this was relevant?

Jeff C Dia atrás

Roberto Andrade ibarra Dia atrás

Dale like si te la jalas te pensando en shakira

IamDefineArt Dia atrás

14:10 — when you know J.Lo is not happy .

gerardo de la cruz Dia atrás

Increíbles pero mi #SHAKI se la rigo es una Reina de fuego

Nightingale99 Dia atrás

after all the racial ignorant fuckups the NFL has done, they certainly redeemed themselves a bit by letting two latin queens take over americas biggest stage to represent latin culture, arabic culture, culture baby . and that purto rican flag they proudly held high was just everything .. left me with goosebumps ..after everything the people of puerto rico have suffered through , they needed this moment and i was so dAM PROUD to see it.so dam proud to seet it.

Turgon Dóiteán Dia atrás

1:50 Kashmir by Led Zeppelin.

Neon_playz_ Roblox Dia atrás

Vivian Asamoah Dia atrás

Well done ladies Shakira you too much love


Shakira Shakira lo mejor

María Gutierrez Dia atrás

Luis Ayala Dia atrás

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Marisela Giron Dia atrás

Shakira mil mil.mil mil.mil.mil mil.

roxx-tar Dia atrás

Just a reminder: yes part of this show is lipsynched.. they have 6 minutes to build the whole damn stage so they don’t have enough time to make EVERYTHING live. Patrick Baltzell who has designed the audio of the halftime show for 20 years in a row has already explained this. No instruments are live with the only exception of some if there is a solo, here for exemple Shakira with her guitar. They ask the artist to choose some parts to not be live because it is complicated and also because the people over there pay thousands of dollars for the football game, they want to HEAR the lyrics. So Patrick says that he HAS to play backtracks from time to time and help the singer with that. Rare are the artists who went all live: The Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé. if you THINK about it. it makes sense for it to not be ALL live. 6 minutes to build a stage? Think about it. Patrick also said that some of the artists are bad at lipsynching but some are used to it like Madonna. Anyway, it may be because I work in this industry that I understand it all. You can tell that for some part both Jlo and Shakira did live and other part not live and that Shakira isn’t really good at lipsynching haha GOOD JOB TO BOTH OF THEM IT WAS HELLA GOOD

ZoOm • Dia atrás

Winedmarie Andujar Dia atrás

Awesome. Latinos. Loved that Shakira sang a little of her really old songs! Loved Bad Bunny and JLo representing Puerto Rico!

Johannes Curioso Dia atrás

whats the title of the song that has a rap part on 10:11 onwards?

RedRaccoonDog Dia atrás

I guess if you have a low IQ you would associate ass shaking with making history.

ninita jimenez Dia atrás

Shakira eres la monda !

Rebelle Homme Dia atrás

Can they like, tour together now? ♥️

mayrasacoto Dia atrás

La cago con bud bunny wacalaaass

Dani Mother of Dragons Dia atrás

«Let the empire of the world unite»? Uhm no, let them not.

Shakira is still soooo sexy

Cici Heart Dia atrás

I want to celebrate with all The Latin people in The comment section because I see so many spanish commmenta but I dont understand The language. Just want to say that I can only imagine How amazing IT is to have these two represent your cultures! Love to you all!

Fernando Gomez Dia atrás

Las dos son diferentes pero Shakira siempre apoya más a los latinos poniendo en grande y la otra no

Shakira & J. Lo’s FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show

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  • Xuất bản 03 Th02, 2020
  • Shakira & J. Lo perform at the Super Bowl LIV Pepsi Halftime Show.
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    #SuperBowlLIV #Shakira #JLo
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NHẬN XÉT • 140 039

Será que Cláudia leite e Ivete Sangalo assistiram isto?; As verdadeiras rainhas SHAKIRA E JLO, REINAS.

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If you ever wonder why we have Spanish classes in school THIS IS WHY! I’m proud of being Latino

Ngl this was good but low key slutty and weird at some points like when they started singin in spanish

Los dos raperos esos. los tiempos cambian pero me sangran los oidos con la falta de talento de las supuestas estrellas actuales

This would’ve been awesome to be at. The atmosphere is electric. Man kids see worse than this on their ipads. Wish I could move like that!

@ 9:20 jlo looked scared cause that pole looked like it was gonna fall

Wow already 47 M views in one day.

This is amazing, I dont even have words to describe it.

Shakira’s hips don’t lie

75.000 dislikes wow karen have a lot of accounts


This was fantastic.

I’m worried that I’m at my 40’s ,but here they are nailing the stage .love these two ladies yah!

Where were pitbull.

These two Ladies put out enough energy to power the show. I saw the first Superbowl to this one and the only thing that could equal their performance is yet to come. The age of these ladies and what they did last night breaks all natural laws. Well done and total captivation.

They’re the real OG baddies


When shakira went I felt that

47 millones en 1 día #Shakira récord absoluto.

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